Founded in 1999 to promote entrepreneurship in Southeast Michigan by MIT alumni and friends of innovation, MI Innovation Alliance and its predecessors have since 2002 worked to apply innovation and advancements in science and technology – as well as best practices in business, academia and government collaboration – to benefit Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

Coordinating a broad cross-state array of thought-leading partner organizations, and collaborating across the globe, MI Innovation Alliance plans, coordinates and delivers programming on the leading edge. We connect established and emerging companies, technology seekers and innovation enablers. Our goals:

  • to bring the newest ideas and innovation seekers/supporters together in highly facilitated forums;
  • to increase concept visibility, and enable faster adoption and commercialization; and
  • to continually build new networks of discovery and support which transcend local geographies and the preferences for “Invented Here”.

Organized as a Michigan-based not-for-profit and a federally recognized 501-c-3 (pending), MI Innovation Alliance works with Michigan-based, national and international organizations to bridge time, distance, creativity and need. Click to learn more about our History, our Latest News, or our Current and Forthcoming Programs.  See the Communities we work with, and how we are Organized.  For more information on working with us to find and bring new technologies to market, or for sponsorship opportunities, Contact Us.