Our programs are different than most other business competitions where the winner receives their prize, walks out the door, and is never heard from again.   For the winning teams, our programs are just the beginning of the interaction.

All Challenge competitors realize the following benefits:

  • A proven forum that provides exposure for your innovations as well as to other non-traditional innovators, in areas of technological need identified by select corporate partners
  • Networking opportunities
    • With industry leaders, some of whom serve as judges and speakers during the competition.
    • Interaction with and introduction to service providers directly related to your specific technologies
    • With other innovative companies sharing many of your same struggles and dreams
    • Meet the support base focused on automotive and mobility rapid commercialization
  • Constructive feedback on your presentation, technology, and ideas.
  • Access to the concentrated automotive and mobility ecosystem geographically centered in Southeast Michigan.

Our Challenge winners, in addition to cash awards, receive a broad array of in-kind services to help them along the pathway of commercializing their ideas:

  • Technology-specific business development consulting
  • Public Relations consulting
  • Intellectual Property consulting
  • Direct Marketing support
  • Market Research
  • Coaching on making investor presentations
  • Connection to SmartZone and Incubator hosting, business planning support, etc.
  • Dedicated Rapid Commercialization Assistance teams
  • Match making introductions to key industry executives

As the quality of the competition increases, we are also becoming an attractive source of potential deal flow for local investors – for winners and contestants alike.

So from facilitated introductions, to rapid commercialization support – we are here to help you succeed, smarter, faster.  Check out a couple of our Success Stories.