2017 GAMIC Award Winners

The GAMIC 2017 Award Winners have been selected and their profiles are noted below.

Barnard Acoustics

Houghton, MI,  USA

www.BarnardAcoustics.com Barnard Acoustics provides hardware and software solutions for passive and active noise control problems – as well as acoustic consulting services – to industry, government, and academic clients.
Clingfish Products

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

www.ClingfishProducts.com Clingfish Products is a mechanical engineering firm, specializing in replacing mechanical fastening and adhesive methods with vacuum-powered technology. Its patented product is the only temporary mounting base for aluminum vehicles.

Detroit, MI, USA

 www.DIYAuto.com   DIYauto.com is the ultimate gearhead encyclopedia. Automotive DIYs, build journals, data, and videos organized in one place. Spend less time searching and more time doing.
PlasmaStream Technologies

Bettendorf, IA, USA

www.PlasmaStreamTech.com Plasma Stream Technologies has developed a cutting-edge technology using active aerodynamics generated by plasma actuators, which can significantly reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency of ground vehicles.

2017 GAMIC Finalists

Acerta Systems

Kitchener, ON, CAN

www.Acerta.ca Acerta is a SaaS platform that uses machine learning to detect anomalies and predict failures in real time for vehicles coming off the assembly line or being driven.
Connect MyEV

San Jose, CA, USA

www.ConnectMyEV.com ConnectMyEV has developed the world’s first conductive park-and-walk charger for EVs, combining – for the first time, autonomous charging with high power requirements of 200mi+ range EVs.
CORA CyberSecurity

Windsor, ON, CAN

www.CORAcsi.com CORA is a step beyond encryption that delivers ‘unbreakable data security’.  Our ‘trust independent’, self-healing technology protects information, companies, automation & mobility, industry and people.

Boston, MA, USA

www.DataDrivenApp.com DataDriven’s algorithms turn mobile devices into machine-learning mechanics. Using smartphone audio and vibration data, we make automotive diagnostics and maintenance proactive – all without using OBD.
eCalCharge (WattHot)

Berkeley, CA, USA

www.eCalCharge.com WattHot provides smart charging software for Electric Vehicles. We aggregate and coordinate electric vehicle charging in order to sell regulation grid services.

San Francisco, CA, USA

www.FenSens.com FenSens offers the world’s first Smart Wireless Parking Sensor and hands-free mobile app, the first of many IoT automotive accessories to be enabled through the smartphone.

Detroit, MI, USA

www.SPLT.io SPLT is a transportation platform changing commuting worldwide through enterprise carpooling in a closed network, and – in partnership with Lyft – providing non-emergency, on-time patient medical appointment transportation.

Tokyo, JP

www.Trillium.co.jp Trillium is a designer and provider of custom, multi-layer adaptive cyber-systems, specializing in vehicular and transportation applications for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.
VeloMetro Mobility

Vancouver, BC, CAN



VeloMetro has created a completely connected on-demand mobility service that replaces cars for urban cores, with enclosed electric velomobiles ‎integrated to a central sharing network.

2017 GAMIC Semi-finalists

Cleanworld Fuels


CleanWorld Fuels is a developer and manufacturer of a patented portable hydrogen on-demand generator.  The current model is designed for use on both static and mobile diesel engines.
EVmatch www.EVmatch.co EVmatch is an on-line platform for peer-to-peer electric vehicle (EV) charging. Our service allows individuals to rent out their private stations, making EV charging more accessible to all drivers.
HaasAlert www.HaasAlert.com HaasAlert offers a mobile vehicle-to-vehicle interface, delivering real-time safety information to motorists. HaasAlert promotes intelligent traffic solutions by putting first responders, utility fleets and more on the grid, today.
Performance Alt www.PerformAltFuels.com Performance Alt Fuels provides effective alternative fuel solutions that are customized, highly engineered, validated and produced, delivering a robust ROI to global industry standards.


Shockwave Motors www.ShockwaveMotors.com At Shockwave Motors, we make electric cars cool by providing a high performance, three-wheeled, all-electric roadster that is pollution free, economical, and fun to drive.


Victro Technologies


Victro Technologies is a platform-independent technology for the Automated Platooning of (semi)autonomous vehicles, which guarantees collision-avoidance and eliminates the “stop and go” behavior common to busy highways.

GAMIC 2016

Previous GAMIC Award Winners and Semi-finalists

Civionics, Inc.  www.civionics.com  Comprehensive wireless monitoring solution that reliably tracks the performance and health of advanced engineered systems operating in demanding environments.
IndustryStar LLC www.industrystarsolutions.com  Patent-pending supply chain software-as-a-service platform expedites, optimizes and de-risks your supply chain.
Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC .  www.jolt-energy.com  Chemistry for improved safety, lower cost, and improved performance of lithium ion batteries without any additional investment by the cell manufacturers
SurClean www.surclean.com Disruptive laser technology that selectively removes paint and other surface coatings from many surfaces, like aircraft, ships, bridges and other major assets.

Finalists (excluding Award Winners)

Algocian Inc. www.algocian.com  Automotive-grade pedestrian detection with dramatically reduced bandwidth costs at virtually 100% accuracy.
Brakers Early Warning Systems, Inc.  www.misyren.com  Software enables first responder agencies to broadcast an audible alert to nearby motorists inside their vehicle via mobile phone app.
Kasi Technologies AB www.kasi-tech.com Enhanced supercharger system that is fully modular mild hybrid product which increases combustion engine fuel efficiency.
SPLT Enterprise  www.spltrides.com  First ride-sharing platform that connects employees within organizations to share their commute.
XIR Technologies www.xirtech.co Designs and builds multi-spectral image analysis applications – X-Ray, Visible Light, and Thermal Imaging Integration Technology for manufacturing, food processing, medical and other applications.

 Semi-finalists (Excluding Award Winners & Finalists)

Golden Products and Services LLC www.goldenpsllc.com  Unique green transmission capable of lowering fuel costs and increasing the performance of mobility and energy platforms.
Meiselectric, Inc. www.meiselectric.com Electronic solenoid activating engine valves for cam-less variable valve timing internal combustion engine to improve efficiency, performance, and reduce emissions.
My Dealer Service www.mydealerservice.com  Web-based software application connecting automotive service departments to their customers via TEXT or EMAIL with real-time updates on the vehicle status throughout the repair process.
SofTrek, Inc. www.softrekinc.com  Reduce driver distractions with invention for drivers that is as transformative as the mouse was to computers.

GAMIC 2015

Award Winners

Advanced Battery Concepts www.advancedbatteryconcepts.com


Advanced Battery Concepts and its award-winning GreenSeal® technology are improving large‐format, energy storage technology, and advancing the performance of sealed lead‐acid batteries while reducing their cost.
Detroit Materials www.detroitmaterials.com


Detroit Materials has developed a portfolio of ultra-high-strength structural steels for demanding applications in the defense, off-highway and transportation industries.
RightThereWare LLC www.rightthereware.com RightThereWare’s revolutionary new and patented technologies optimize multi-stop navigation for improved ETAs, navigation and shared rides.
SiNode Systems www.sinodesystems.com SiNode Systems has developed silicon-graphene anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries, offering higher battery capacity and faster charging rates, with a low-cost solution chemistry-based manufacturing process.

Finalists (excluding Award Winners)

CarKnow LLC www.carknow.me CarKnow builds hardware and software that takes vehicle data and frees it, enabling the development of unique, powerful and transformative applications for vehicle owners and users alike.
Elegus Technologies www.elegustech.com Elegus Technologies is commercializing a lithium-ion battery separator that allows battery manufacturers to increase their energy density without compromising safety.
Fulcrum Engineering LLC www.fulcrumengineering.com Fulcrum Engineering is developing technology that enables structural joints in a vehicle to decouple during big accidents, displacing the force to better protect the vehicle occupants.
Intertwine Corporation www.intertwinecorp.com Intertwine Corporation offers a web-based Automotive Project Management software solution which simplifies, standardizes and integrates the Quoting, Sales Forecasting, Capacity Planning and Program Management processes.
Magwerks LED, LLC www.magwerksLED.com MagWerks LED provides state-of-the-art magnesium thixmolding-based high-powered LED lighting solutions which reduce lighting system mass, improve cooling performance, decrease lamp size and reduce lamp cost.
Meiselectric, Inc. www.meiselectric.com Electronic solenoid activating engine valves for cam-less variable valve timing internal combustion engine to improve efficiency, performance, and reduce emissions.
Ohio State University Applied Impulse https://IML.osu.edu The Ohio State University Impulse Manufacturing Lab specializes in electromagnetically driven metalworking processes and pulsed laser impact welding for impact welding of dissimilar metals.
Smartershade VGSmartglass.com Smartershade (now VGSmartglass) is commercializing its non-powered, linear-shifted polarizing smartglass technology for new and retrofit applications in home, vehicle and industry.

Semi-finalists (Excluding Award Winners & Finalists)

Civionics  www.civionics.com  Comprehensive wireless monitoring solution that reliably tracks the performance and health of advanced engineered systems operating in demanding environments.
Daheco Engines Corporation www.dahecoengines.com Daheco Engine Corporation is commercializing ultra-efficient, alternative internal combustion engine technologies around high pressure air activation, providing extreme fuel economy improvements and super performance in a modular design package.
Hydrogine LLC n/a


Founded by the former director of NASA, Hydrogine has developed and is commercializing a multi-use, self-propelled hydrogen-powered engine that produces environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost efficient energy.
Kaist n/a Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST) two-person foldable Micro-Electric Vehicle for urban, university, tourist and military base transportation.
Liuman Technologies LLC www.liumantech.com Liuman Technologies produces highly tailored, complex components using Quasi3D woven structures, meeting or exceeding the performance of metallic counterparts while providing superior weight reduction.
Nano Innovations www.nano-innov.com Nano Innovations produces heat-conductive, electrically insulating plastics and products for solving thermal management challenges and problems.
Persis Consulting www.persisconsulting.com Development of the Automotive Data Aggregation Manager or ADAM, first automotive-specific wearable to link personal information with the vehicle.