Enabled by new mechanisms of communication and data exchange, the personal mobility and transportation space is undergoing unprecedented transformations.  These changes are redefining the industry, its players and its former / future conventions:

  • FROM FOCUS ON horsepower and styling … EVOLUTION TO 4G / 5G data and mobile hotspots
  • FROM FOCUS ON 0-60 mph acceleration … EVOLUTION TO autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • FROM FOCUS ON monthly lease payment specials … EVOLUTION TO ride-sharing services accessed and paid for by mobile phone

The industry is changing, and so is the need for new technologies, new solutions, new and unforeseen collaborations, and new requirements for speed and agility.  With partnership and collaborations across the state, the US and Canada, and the world, SAE International and MI Innovation Alliance are – through GAMIC – forging new relationships to enhance and hasten the pace of solution discovery, nurturing, and commercialization.

This focus on commercialization – with up-front facilitated introductions to the right decision-makers, and coaching through the productionization steps required for successful vehicle integration – have been key to reducing the “didn’t know about that” risk and shortening implementation cycles.

Please register your innovation for the next annual cycle; or find out how to attend a forum to learn more about the newest innovations to address your business gaps.