1:00      Welcome – David Stout – SAE Detroit Chapter & GAMIC

1:05      Keynote Speaker – TBD

1:20      Finalist Presentations I

  • DataDriven – Josh Siegel
  • eCalCharge – Caroline LeFloch
  • Acerta Systems – Greta Cutulenco
  • VeloMetro Mobility – Kody Baker, P. Eng
  • FenSens – Andy Karuza
  • com – Steve Balistreri
  • PlasmaStream Technologies – Jason Pottinger

3:00      Speaker – Keith Wilson – SAE VP, Standards

3:10      Finalist Presentations II

  • Clingfish Products – Tasneen Bowe
  • ConnectMyEV – Satyajit Patwardhan
  • CORA CyberSecurity – Joseph Latouf
  • SPLT – Yale Zhang
  • Trillium – David M. Uze
  • Barnard Acoustics – Dr. Andrew Barnard

4:35      Speaker – Patrick Thompson – CoorsTek Sensors

4:50      GAMIC 2017 Winners announced

GAMIC Finalists (alphabetical order)

  • Acerta Systems – SaaS platform using machine learning to detect anomalies and predict failures in real time for vehicles coming off the assembly line or being driven.  www.acerta.ca
  • Barnard Acoustics – Hardware and software solutions for passive and active noise control problems using carbon nano-fibers.  www.barnardacoustics.com
  • Clingfish Products – Replaces mechanical fastening and adhesive methods with vacuum-powered technology for mounting on aluminum vehicles.  www.ClingfishProducts.com
  • ConnectMyEV – World’s first conductive park-and-walk charger for EVs, combining autonomous charging with high power requirements of 200mi+ range EVs.  www.ConnectMyEV.com
  • CORA CyberSecurity – Step beyond encryption for “unbreakable data security”, with self-healing technology to protect information, companies, mobility and industry.  www.CORAcsi.com
  • DataDriven – Turns smartphones into machine-learning mechanics, using audio and vibration data for automotive diagnostics and maintenance without using OBD. www.datadrivenapp.com
  • DIYauto.com – The ultimate gearhead encyclopedia for DIY’s, building journals, data, and videos organized in one place to spend less time searching and more time doing.  www.diyauto.com
  • eCalCharge – Smart charging software for Electric Vehicles, aggregating and coordinating electric vehicle charging to sell regulation grid services.  http://watthot.com
  • FenSens – World’s first Smart Wireless Parking Sensor and hands-free mobile app, the first of many IoT automotive accessories to be enabled through the smartphone.  www.fensens.com
  • PlasmaStream Technologies – Using active aerodynamics generated by plasma actuators to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency of ground vehicles.  www.plasmastreamtech.com
  • SPLT – Changing commuting worldwide through enterprise carpooling, and in partnership with Lyft providing non-emergency, on-time medical appointment transportation.  www.splt.io
  • Trillium – Custom, multilayer adaptive cyber-systems, specializing in vehicular and transportation applications for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.  www.trillium.co.jp
  • VeloMetro Mobility – Connected on-demand mobility service that replaces cars for urban cores, with enclosed electric velomobiles ‎integrated to a central sharing network.  http://velometro.com